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Our Tribute To Shawn Green

Thanks For The Memories
By His Many Fans From His Blue Jays Days

Thanks Just Does Not Seem To Be Enough

Shawn I just don’t know where to begin. You have brought so much happiness to baseball fans young and old in the five years that you have been a Blue Jay. I can’t begine to measure the happiness that you have brought to me.

I really can’t say what I will miss the most. Will it be the look of wonder in a child’s eyes when you have signed an autograph for him? Will it watching the towering home runs? Will it be you hitting the game winning RBI, no it will be none of these things on their own. It will be a combination of everything that you stand for.

It will be the gentle smile when things are not going well. It will be the kindness that you have showed to me and to my family. It will be the memories that will now never be made. It will be Carlos teasing me when I go to Florida for Spring Training. “Hey Shawn here’s your girlfriend!” It will be the shy “thank you” when I hand over yet more photo’s for your family. It will be every memory that we have ever made.

Shawn I thank you for all of the happiness that you brought into my life. For all the autographs, the photo’s and everything you have done for me and given to me. Thank you for letting me try to make you smile during the “Sierra Fiasco.” I truly hope I helped to make it just a little bit more bearable.

Shawn I will miss you more than you will ever know. I will always be your number one fan, this I promise. I will, do my best to see you at lease a couple of times a year. You know where to find me if you ever need me.

Always and Forever
Diane, Your #1 Fan

Dear Shawn,

I think that two words will sum it all up... THANK YOU!! Thank you so much for all of the memories that you have provided for us fans! You are a true gentle man. The home runs, RBI's, base stealing, fielding, they all were great, but they are just an accessory to what kind of a person that you really are!! When I met you a few years ago, you made my day, my summer, and I'm sure that you have made many many other people very happy. You brought life to the Blue Jays during your stay and for that I think that we all thank you. Here is something that I put together about our memories of you as a Jay:

Steals (56) Homers (77)

Amazing fielder Won the hearts of kids EVERYWHERE

Never a dull moment Doubles (119)

All Star game member Very kind to children

Injury :o(

Devestating to pitchers Grand Slams (2) RBI's (253)

Enormous ovation when you reached 30/30


Never will we forget!

Thank you very much for the past 5 years Shawn

Love Always: Quinn Anderson (age 15)

Dear Shawn,

There's so much to say that I don't even know where to start. you're my favorite player and I'm sad that you're leaving Toronto, but it's a new start to a new chapter.

I will never forget the day that I actually got to meet you (even though I couldn't breath for a couple of seconds cuz of ALL the fans crowding around). Thanx for signing autographs for me and letting me take your pic.

I wish you all the luck with the Dodgers. Keep doing your job and making fans smile! LA's lucky to have you on their team:)!

Luv, Viv

Dear Shawn,

Being originally from Toronto, I must say this is quite sorrowful. I'm having a bit of a problem absorbing this info, but I know I will. I read your message on the message board, and it's so unselfish of you to think of us fans. No need to apologize Shawn, and no need to explain, you just did what was best. No one else will know what's best besides you.

It may be devastating news, but I believe that true fans will support you wherever you end up. As long as you're happy, that's all that matters. Thank you for bringing my baseball interest back, it took a while since I moved away from Toronto, and Joe Carter left.

Thank you for your quiet "leadership", it boosted my own self-esteem. Thank you for your kindness toward the fans. Thank you thank you thank you! You're truly a great player, and a great person! Good luck in the future & take care :)

Love Always ~Judy/Judes~

Words were hard to come by when I read the news of you leaving Toronto. Its hard to except when someone with such talent, respectability and popularity has to leave the team you have supported and watched for over 10 years.

Shawn, I have watched you literally grow in front of my eyes. Although it was through a television screen rather than personally, I feel I’ve gotten to know a very special person.

I got misty eyed when I saw the footage of your trade as they showed some of your replays of great catches and that awesome swing. It finally sunk in that I would not see you do that again in a Blue Jays uniform:(

No matter where you are or where you go in life please know that you have impacted my life in immeasurable ways. You have inspired me to give of myself to help others as you have for so very long now. I will forever hold you my heart and prayers:)

Always a fan


Shawn Green -

I remember images of a young man looking to the future. A future that would hold the moon and stars. Hard work, dedication and determination brought him acclaim. This acclaim came to him for two reasons. There was that sweet swing, the base stealing, the running and leaping to catch the ball, the power of a throw well placed and the beauty of his home runs are reasons for his professional acclaim. The other way is for who Shawn is. A man of integrity, decency and empathy. A son raised to be respectful, polite, generous, loyal and loving. A man to be emulated and admired on and off the field. Children and adults both find the things in Shawn that must make his parents swell with pride in the son they raised - the man he has become. He learned his lessons from them and the team mates cut from the same piece of fine cloth.

The leaving of Shawn perhaps hurts us more because we considered him ours, one of us. Our son, brother, nephew, grandson, neighbour - even a fellow Canadian to a degree. He was ours for a long time and for that we must give thanks.

Shawn will now show his skills and person to new people to emulate and admire. We know this will happen - how can it not?

The Westbrook family wish him happiness, health love and laughter in his new life as a Dodger.

We will follow his career from a distance now but with the same pride and hope that he has great success. We also hope that Shawn knows that for a time in his life, here in Toronto he touched many, many people and we know he is the real thing.

Take care always young Shawn, remember us as we will surely remember you. You're in our thoughts. Be happy.
Lisa XX00


You have given my family and I so many good memories of you while you were with Toronto. We will continue to be a true fan of yours no matter what team your with all the way to your induction into the baseball Hall of Fame.

I'm in the Air force and don't make a lot of money to be able to afford to see ya live. But when we have in Florida, you have made it that more special. Starting with how you took time to stop and have your picture taken with me and my family then the next year to autograph it. That is one of my prize possessions to this day.

Watching you play has been a pure thrill. My son still talks about the day that you talked back to him. He screamed out "WAY TO GO SHAWN" and you looked up and said thank you. Not many people would do that. I thank you for that.

You have been an inspiration to me and everyone in the club. Good luck with the Dodgers and We will see ya live in Atlanta next season cause Atlanta is only 3 hrs from Moody Air Force Base, where I'm stationed.

Thank you,

Dave, Rachel and Calvin Neumann

Dear Shawn,

Even though I had an angel on my side to prepare me for the trade before it happened, it was still hard to grasp what the change really meant. And I can't begin to imagine what kind of emotions Diane went through when she knew too. I'm sure you are still letting it all sink in.

Though trades mean change, and something else to get use to, for you we should all be happy and we are!!

This change is such a wonderful opportunity for you to continue your career where talent is respected, valued and given a chance to grow further.

As the saying goes, 'there's just some things a person never forgets', I'm quite certain all your true Toronto fans will never forget you and what you have brought and will continue to bring to baseball.

I, for one, will never forget that you were the one that allowed me to see my first winning game at the Skydome in almost 8 drought filled seasons. The night you crushed your first Grand Slam against a lefty from the Yankees was the same night I said to my dad (who was at the game with me), "and a star is born!". And true enough an All-star was!

And it's also because of you that I have met so many wonderful people that I call friends. I guess I could say, that without you I would never have met Diane...and I can't imagine what I would ever do without her now.

So to finish, we all say THANK YOU, for so many wonderful memories and friendships. True we will miss you, and there will always be a void in right field, but we will never forget Shawn Green the man and Shawn Green the player.

All the best to you in L.A., I truly hope you find all the happiness you deserve!!!


Mary Ellen

Dear Shawn,

You are one amazing guy. You are loved by all Toronto Baseball fans, and you always will be. You did so much for all of Toronto. The fans, the rest of the Blue Jays, the Jewish community, and everyone. We will all miss you and you will forever be my favorite player.

You have inspired 1000's of people. Next year is going to be my very first year playing baseball and it's because I saw you and made it look so easy and you always seem to be having fun.

Toronto will forever miss you and good luck in L.A. I will also watch your games (if we get them). Good luck and THANK-YOU very much for all the things you did for Toronto. And don't forget we will always LOVE you and we will NEVER ever forget you (you did a lot for us).

Green fan forever,
Megan Gordon (age 15)


You have meant so much to the fans of Toronto. You've inspired us all on and off the field and gave us courage to go and chase our dream.

We had 5 wonderful years watching you progress into the player you are today. You were always an all-star to me even before you made the team.

You've left us some wonderful memories: 30-30 season, 42 homers last season, All-star team, silver slugger award, and the golden glove. Wow what's next.

Even though I've never had the pleasure of meeting you. The day I heard you were traded it felt like my heart was just ripped out.

I wish you the best of luck with the Dodgers and hope they treat you the way you deserve.

Shawna Reed

Dear Shawn,

I really am not much good at this type of thing, but I did not want you to leave the Blue Jays thinking that maybe you did not have some really loyal fans during your time there.

My family have always been big baseball fans and as we have only recently had our own major league team, I became a Jays fan several years ago, during the World Series years. I should add that I live in St. Petersburg Florida. Everyone down here seemed to hate the Jays as they were not American, so me being one to go with the underdog became a loyal Jays fan.

When you came to the team in 1995 every time I saw you play, (and I admit that was not very often,) you seemed to be breaking some other Rookie record. I became hooked as a Shawn Green fan. If I could not watch the game when it was on, I would record it to watch later. I used to beg for a trip to Toronto to see you play, but I never got to go. I did get to go to a few spring training games, and I was always so impressed with the way you would sign autographs each and every day. I was always too shy to ask. Yes I have to admit you were my first crush, (blush.)

My dream of meeting you became reality this year when you were in Tampa for my 16th birthday. You signed a ball for me when my brother told you it was my birthday. You even wished me a happy birthday. That really made my day. Thank you!

Now I know I may never see you play another major League game, in fact the one on my birthday was the first time I had ever been to a live Jays game. For that I am sad.

For you I want happiness, just like you brought me on my birthday. Playing at home with your family and friends will I hope bring that happiness.

Thank you Shawn for teaching me so much from afar. You taught me that if I work hard I can live my dreams. If I share my own good fortune, I can in turn draw the wealth of satisfaction. Thank you for all the memories of you as a Blue Jay. Thank you most of all for just being you.

Jennifer B.

Anytime you see someone giving their all for something they love, it is truly something to behold.

Anytime you see someone giving a 110 percent, when they are so tired, the effort it takes to smile is draining them of precious resources, it is truly something to behold. Anytime you help others, when you yourself are in need of help, it is truly something to behold.

These are qualities I have seen from Shawn, and it is truly something to behold.

Never quitting, tiring or failing to make a young fan happy, never complaining, always courteous and always generous, this is Shawn.

Thanks for the memories, you will be so fondly remembered in a Jay's uniform, but I will also remember you for your works in various charities, who can forget Shawn's Kids, or the food you helped put into hungry stomachs! These things are much more important than any homerun you could ever have it, and thank you for that.

I will continue to follow your career in Los Angeles, I will cheer for you whenever possible, and I will hold good thoughts on the path your career has taken you.

God Bless you and family, and thanks again for the memories.


Ever since Shawn was a rookie, I began watching him, and I knew he was special. He always seemed determined, and I got the feeling that he generally liked what he was doing, playing baseball that is.

He seemed so innocent, yet, I really think I sensed a fire in him, and that fire lit up last year, and especially this year. I don't know why it only did so recently, my only guess is that all his hard years of practice came through in a big way for him.

Anyway, all I really want to say is that I wish Shawn the best of luck, and I hope he will be successful as a Dodger!!!

Thanks for the great years and hard work in Toronto, and good luck in LA I hope it makes you happy!!!

Love, Shawna
PS Thanks for all the memories!!

First of all thanks Shawn, for all that good memories, my daughter and I will never forget you, funny I went to a game in April 98 with my daughter Sean and we saw you had the same name she remarked that you both spell your names wrong and should swop them cause she thought her spelling was the boy way , then I came across this wonderful site and first contacted Diane I went to the July game when you got your grand slam same day I got my Green shirt, That July day is one of the best , I thank you for being you from the bottom of my heart. G-d Bless you in LA

Mandy and Sean

I would like to give a special "Thanks" to Shawn Green. My absolute favorite baseball player. You are the reason I watch baseball, the reason why I went to the Skydome. Without you I wouldn't have met anyone on Diane's club, and for that I am so grateful. I am really glad that there are so many people out there that share some of my interests and I have a place where I can go and talk to other people. They are there to listen to my problems, give advice and brighten up each others day. I can honestly say that Diane is an angel in disguise! Thank you Shawn for giving me this opportunity to meet such wonderful people. No matter where you play I will always watch you and I will always be a big fan. We all love you and wish you the best in whatever you may do. Love Tracy Well, first of all I’d just like to say thank you for all the great moments you shared with all us Toronto fans. It’s going to be hard not being able to flip on the TV and see you playing for Toronto but I understand, as I’m sure everyone you is a true fan does, that you did what you had to do...and it's got to be awesome being close to your family and the place where you up. I’m from Edmonton so I never got the chance to see you play in person...just watched all the games on TV, so no matter where you go and who you play for, I can honestly tell you I will be watching all the games cheering for you to get the 40-40's to a new season even better than the last, lots of love, Jen Shawn has meant a great deal to me. He revived a team that I loved and brought a lot of spirit and heart into a game that tends to lack them. Shawn truly seems to love playing baseball and always has a smile when he's on the field which makes ME smile when I watch a game! He has shown me that hard work can really pay off, and while there are many obstacles in the way you can always find a way to get around them. In these ways he is a great idol and role model. He's always got time for fans, showing that by always willing to sign autographs, especially for little kids. I will really miss him in a Jays uniform, but I'm glad he's on a team in his hometown, where he will be appreciated. Good luck Shawn, in everything you do! Nikki Thanks for re-introducing me to a hobby and baseball. As a child I enjoyed collecting baseball cards and in 1992 I thought it would be fun to start collecting again. I decided to select a Blue Jay player because I knew that Blue Jays organization had some great scouts that could identify future super stars. I forgot how much I enjoyed collecting sports memorabilia and collecting helped me forget about all the negative things around. I also had a chance to meet a lot of great people. For that I will never forget, it was not an easy time in my life. Thanks for re-introducing me to a hobby and baseball. As a child I enjoyed collecting baseball cards and in 1992 I thought it would be fun to start collecting again. I decided to select a Blue Jay player because I knew that Blue Jays organization had some great scouts that could identify future super stars. I forgot how much I enjoyed collecting sports memorabilia and collecting helped me forget about all the negative things around. I also had a chance to meet a lot of great people. For that I will never forget, it was not an easy time in my life. I live in Maryland and made it a point to attend at least one Blue Jay game a year. I always looked forward to my trip to Baltimore, it permitted me to visit a fun city that I would never have gone to normally. My girlfriend and I had a blast sitting in the stands dancing and cheering for you. And you never disappointed use because you always did your best. It was amazing seeing you before the game started taking the time making yourself available to the fans. I saw a lot of happy kids walking away a Shawn Green autograph that they will treasure for a live time. I knew that a change was going to happen this year, all the signs were there. Change is a always a good thing, it means that life is not static and keeps the mind fresh. What I remember best about change is all the friends that I meet along the way that have helped me along. As a fan I look forward to making the trip (not Linda) to PA to see you play with your new team. WOW, congratulations on everything that happened this year!!!! - Barry Dear Shawn, There are so many things that come to mind when I think of you. The outstanding baseball player with so much determination and talent. As a person, the one who opened his heart to his fans and let them know you genuinely. Over the years I have admired and respected you as an athlete and a person. Watching you develop as a baseball player was a thrill. To see your accomplishments this year was a gift. I was thrilled to see you have an amazing season and I am thankful for all the memories we have of you as a Blue Jay. You brought so much happiness to a lot of fans! I wish you the best of luck in Los Angeles. I will continue to support you wherever you are. That will never change, Shawn. As they say, "when one door closes another one opens"...Thank you for all of the memories. Take care. You will always be my favorite baseball player! Happiness always, Love, Kerri My Tribute To Shawn Green Someone who plays for the love of the game Honest and helpful Aims at accomplishing his goals without failure Will never be forgotten Never wipes the smile off of his face, even during bad times Gets better every year! :o) Ranks #1 as most loved baseball player Energetic Everything a baseball fan wants to see Never gives up Lorissa Thank you Shawn for all the wonderful memories you have left in Toronto, you will not be forgotten. You are a class act on and off the field. An incredible player with an incredible attitude. You have given so much into a city you hardly knew and that is definitely appreciated. Your attitude and personality is a wonderful example of a good-hearted person. I wish you the best of luck with the Dodgers and know that you will be missed greatly!!!! Enjoy yourself, you more than deserve this! Victoria A Tribute to Shawn I'm not the person to put things in words very well and I'm not quite sure how to write this. But I just wanna thank Shawn for all the great memories in the past few years, and for giving us Blue Jays fans some hope for the pre-season. Although we never made it, I still think that the Jays had a great season, and Shawn was the star! I also wanna thank him for representing the Jays in the last all-star game of the millennium. You and Tony F. did a great job! Shawn, your my fave baseball player and ya always will be, even though you won't be playing for my fave team. I wish ya all the luck in the world in Los Angeles, and I'll always be cheering for ya! Luv Jess

When I first saw Shawn Green, I had no idea he would become the ball player he is today. I DID, however, know that this was one person that has a huge heart, and this is the main reason why I will always be one of his most loyal fans. It's not the fact that Shawn can hit homeruns, make awesome defense plays in the Field (well.....*Laughs* maybe just a little), it's the fact that this is a baseball player who goes out of his way to give to the less fortunate and help others. The world is so overcome with Greed and selfishness nowadays, that a good person seems hard to come by. For being that good person, I thank you Shawn, I only wish the ones out there who have good hearts like yours, were easier to find. :)

I believe Shawn has been treated horribly by the press as of late, and not only the press, but the management of the Jays, especially the last few months. I feel I need to apologize on the behalf of the organization, because I am ashamed to know that this is a Canadian ball team, with a management that acts....well not Canadian. We pride ourselves on looking after the needs of others, and to have management that does the opposite of's degrading.

Thank you Shawn, for doing all the things you've done, and for being yourself through the road of success to stardom. You deserve it.:) Diane, I also want to thank you for everything you've done with the fan club, and the opportunities you've given me to get to know Shawn. :) Thank you both, for teaching me some valuable lessons about life. :)


Shawn Green I knew from the first moment I saw Shawn Green step up to the plate that he was not going to be your average baseball player. There was something about him that made me think that he was going to be one of the best players to wear a Blue Jays uniform. I guess I was right. I'm sad that it had to end after only a short period of time, but I feel lucky to have seen him play in Toronto. Even though I only saw two games live (in Florida and in Toronto), I followed the others on TV.

What an amazing player! Shawn, thanks for the memories you gave all of your fans in Toronto. We'll miss you! Good luck in Los Angeles, and don't forget that we'll always be here to support you!


My Tribute To Shawn Green

Someone who plays for the love of the game Honest and helpful Aims at accomplishing his goals without failure Will never be forgotten Never wipes the smile off of his face, even during bad times

Gets better every year!
Ranks #1 as most loved baseball player
Everything a baseball fan wants to see
Never gives up


Hi Shawn,

My tribute to you will be a little different than the rest of them. I am from Minnesota and a BIG Twins fan. But I have favorite players on most of the other 29 teams. I have rooted for you, from the time you signed a card for my son at the Metrodome when you first came up. You were a real good guy to our fans. You looked like a young kid, but could you play ball.

When you would come here each year I would silently root for you to get a home run. You usually did and I had to laugh inside. When I saw you had a fan club I had to join. It was my first club I joined since I went on the Internet.

I have been blessed with corresponding with Diane and Chris. I am glad to see that a quality player like you has quality people backing him. I will miss seeing you come to the Mpls, but I know the Twins will not miss your bat. I wish you the best in LA. I will be watching you on cable when you play the Cubs and Braves .

I hope to be able to visit Milwaukee next year when you are there also, It is closer to Mn that LA is, but not a scenic.

Take care and God Bless you,
Jim from Mn

Dear Shawn,

Just before you were traded, Gord Ash indicated that the trade would likely upset some people and that the screaming girls would be upset. The screaming girls will miss you, but so will the other baseball fans. So here is a guy's perspective on your departure.

I think it's really sad that the Blue Jays traded you. On the other hand I am happy for you that you get to play at home and that you have found happiness in Los Angeles. You should know that you really will be missed in Toronto. You left the Toronto fans with so many great memories. Here are just a few:

-Watching you not only deal with great adversity in 1997, but dealing with it in such a classy way. Then proving all your doubters wrong the next two years.

-Everything you did for the fans; from signing before many games to looking up and smiling at someone who yelled encouragement from the stands, to that time in Seattle where you spent half an hour before the game playing catch with all the fans in right field. Those are just a small sampling of the many great things you will be remembered for in Toronto besides playing Baseball.

-You were always accessible to the media. I remember a game in 1995 when you had trouble with a fly ball vs Baltimore and you were right there after the game talking to the media. There were many radio shows and interviews you did which the fans appreciate.

-It was a pleasure watching you make great strides in the outfield and eventually winning a Gold Glove. There was nothing better than hearing the gasp followed by a thunderous cheer from the crowd when you made one of those throws that gunned down a runner at home. Or even better, watching a runner stop halfway and have to turn around because of your perfect throw.

-Your first grand slam, the 30/30 club and the amazing 28 game hit streak were just a small sampling of your contributions on the field.

The Blue Jays aren't just losing a player that the girls love. Those players can be replaced. They're losing a talented right fielder who did so much for the city on and off the field. You represented the Blue Jays with integrity and class. You are the ideal baseball player and the Blue Jays fans will miss you a lot. Players like Shawn Green are extremely difficult to replace and I'm sure the Blue Jays will discover that. Best of luck in LA. Thank you for everything you did for Toronto and it's fans, you will not be forgotten.



When thinking of Shawn Green there are so many things that you can say that are positive. So different aspects about him you can admire. I guess the thoughts that are the most clear to me now that he has left are the following....

Shawn tried his best to always make Toronto his home and to make himself a valuable part of the community. He helped to promote baseball across Canada, something a lot of athletes just would not do, many would make excuses I'm sure.

Shawn always did what was asked of him. I'm sure he inspired many a young child to pick a bat and play ball!

As a player, Shawn never cheated anyone. I'm sure there were days he was not feeling well and felt he could not be at his full potential but you never saw that effort-wise. No matter how he felt it was always the best that Shawn Green could give on that day.

I guess my fondest memory of Shawn is like for many of his fans is the 99 All Star game. Shawn received a spot not only for his brilliant ability but because a certain player did not want to attend unless he started. I will always remember the way Shawn looked when at the end of the US national anthem. He turned around and very clearly said "WOW". It was then that I realized that Shawn really understood the meaning of the word "gratitude". He never takes anything for granted, especially honours that are bestowed upon him by his sport.

I never met Shawn Green, but I always felt like I knew him, one of those rare people that could connect with anyone. I will miss him greatly, but I know he has gone on to better things. Shawn proves that all of us can go home again. Thanks Shawn, keep hitting them out of the park!!

C. Reimer