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Thanks To...

Thanks To...

These are the people who have either sent items or gave me their valuable suggestions towards this site.

My Husband, GEOFF STANLEY.. For telling me I would never be able to master html, and making me all the more determined to do it.

My Elder Son, GARY STANLEY.. for helping me with some of the html.

My Younger Son, MARK STANLEY.. for sharing his tecnical ingenuity

RACHEL MEKLI, for printing many of my photo’s.

NICOLE, BERNADETTE, MELISSA, DON, MANDY, CHRIS, TERRI, MIDORI and KATE.. who have sent me Shawn’s AOL journals past.

RACHEL, CHARLENE, YULANDA, VIV AND MARJORIE. who have all shared their Shawn photos with me,

TRIPOD..For hosting my site

Most of all to SHAWN GREEN for being the friendliest player in the majors
Thanks Shawn for all the happy memories you have helped make for me and and the kindness you have showed me over the years. The best is yet to come!