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Toronto Blue Jays All Star outfielder Shawn Green appeared today on the nationally syndicated sports radio talk show "The Jim Rome Show." Green brought his girlfriend, sister and father to the Boston studio where the show is broadcasting from this week.

Shawn admitted it took awhile for him to enter "the jungle" as Rome calls his program, because of the turmoil surrounding the Tim Johnson Vietnam episode. "We had a good season last year, so definitely that's what knocked him out of there," Green said, referring to Johnson.

Green said he was nervous during Monday's home run derby at Fenway Park, because he didn't want to embarrass himself. "It's hard. You have to overswing; my back was sore afterwards."

Asked how he generates his home run power, Green said: "I swing as hard as I can and hope for the best."

Other people Green talked about included:

Tony Fernandez: "We call him Yoda because he's got the force."

Jose Canseco: "Great dude, who helped me a lot. The best veteran player I played with."

Billy Koch: "He has a lot to do with our winning."

Roger Clemens: "We we're upset the way it was handled. It would be nice to make the playoffs and show him what we can do. He betrayed us a little bit."

David Wells: "He's a circus, but he connects with other players."

Paul Shuey: "The toughest guy I've faced all year."

The Cleveland Indians: "The team to beat in the American League."

The Toronto Blue Jays: "We like where we are right now, only three games behind Boston for the wild card. I'd like to see us get a big right handed bat. Either that or trade a pitcher for a pitcher. We'll definitely make a move."

Thanks To David Crocker For Sending Me This Interview