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Blue Jays Profile On Shawn Green, From The Playball Magazine.

Shawn Green likes the mention of the Blue Jays’ starting outfield for the 1998 season which consists of Jose Cruz,Jr., Shannon Stewart and Shawn Green.
“I’m looking forward to it” said Green with a wide smile.

Given the youth, speed, talent, power and potential of this threesome, new manager Tim Johnson likes the thought of penciling in that trio. And Green is anxious to get things rolling with Johnson at the helm. “I’d heard a lot of great things about Tim,” Green said. “A guy who played for him in triple A told me he was the best manager he’s played for...real upbeat and always patting you on the back. He’s also the type who will tell when your doing something wrong-but he’s going to do it in the right way.
“I think that the kind of offence he wants to put out there with a lot of running and an aggressive style is definatly what we need with a lot of younger players who can run. We’re not the kind of team where we have 5 guys that can steal 50 bases each. But we’ve got a guy like Shannon Stewart who’s going to steal a bunch, a guy like Jose Cruz who can steal. Alex (Gonzalez) can steal, I can steal. That’s 4 guys right there who can steal some bases and get activity going.”

Green’s career batting average is .237 prior to the all star break and .313 after the break. In ‘97 it was .273 before the break and .295 after.
“Some of the things are misleading.” Green said “Last year for example, I had probably 150 at bats before the all star break and maybe close to 300 after So that makes a big difference.”

“For me, The thing is just playing everyday. A lot of times early in the season, It seems like we face more lefties and I wouldn’t play all the time. So it was tough to get in a groove without that everyday approach because it was early in the year. Once the middle of the season comes, You’re kind of in mid-season form playing more and it’s much easier to stay on track.”

Green, who lists his father, Ira, as his greatest influence, admits a career highlight occurred last June 17 when his 2 homer game against Atlanta included a round tripper of 4 time Cy- Young Winner Greg Maddux. “That was a thrill,” Green Said. “It was funny because I played catch everyday with Ex- Jay catcher Charlie O’Brien who, Of course, Who had been Maddux’ personal catcher. Charlie told me before the game this is what Maddux was going to do to me and what Charlie said turned out to be accurate. Maddux is very tough to hit but I was just fortunate to get a pitch which I think was a little bit of a mistake on his part-A Change-up, up in the zone.” And Green knew exactly what to do with that pitch.