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My Tribute To Pat Hentgen.

(Mr Blue Jay)

What can I say about Pat Hentgen, except he was the most loyal player to ever wear a Blue Jays uniform. He may not have had the numbers of Roger Clemens, but He was everything that the Blue Jays and all their fans could have wished for. He lived and breathed the Jays. He wanted to spend his entire career as a Blue Jay. Pity the powers that be were too blind to see they were giving up the only player who never wanted to wear another uniform. A player who stood by his team through the good and the bad. A player so dedicated he spoke out publicly against anyone who put his team down. That is why I have decided to give Pat the nickname of Mr Blue Jay.

Pat brought the Blue Jays their first ever Cy Young winner. He also brought much more. Pat was a clubhouse leader, but he was more than that. He was a player with great emotion. Who can ever forget those pumping fist's when he got out of a bases loaded jam, or at the other end of the scale when he was so disappointed in his performance he tossed his glove on top of the dugout as he left the field. Who could forget the way he would wait for a fielder to go into the dugout before him to congratulate him on a great play. Pat was a team player 100%

I was lucky enough to meet Pat on several occasions. He was always friendly and loved to talk baseball with the fans. I never really got to know him, but my good friend Mr Bill did. I know Pat's trade hurt Bill as much as as Shawn's trade hurt me.

Mr Blue Jay is a bird of another feather. I wish him well as a Cardinal.

Pat takes his final walk to the mound as a Blue Jay

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