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Shawn Green Returns
By: Gary Stanley
Date: 03/31/2000
Words cannot explain what Shawn Green meant to the City of Toronto, the Toronto Blue Jays and most of all the fans. This weekend marks the final chapter in Shawn's Toronto career when he returns as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers to play the Toronto Blue Jays.

Shawn will still be wearing the number 15, Shawn will still be playing rightfield but today fans will finally come to grips that fan favourite Shawn Green is no longer a Toronto Blue Jay. In what is sure to be an emotional momment for Shawn as well as his loyal fans he will come home to skydome for possibly the final time in his career. I can honestly say a lot of Blue Jay fans only came to Skydome the last couple of years to see Shawn, now this weekend is Shawn's time to thank the fans and the City Of Toronto. Shawn was a rolemodel for not only kids but for the whole Jewish community.

Even though a lot of fans are mad at Shawn for asking to be traded to the Dodgers you have to respect the fact he gave 100% every game. Who can forget Shawn's 30/30 season in 1998. The Only Blue Jay to accomplish such a feat. Who can forget his cannon of an arm, in which he made plays at the plate seem easy. Who can forget the homerun derbies, he and good friend Carlos Delgado had during batting practice.

Everywhere you looked you saw fans with Green jersey's, signs, t-shirts and poster's. Shawn has not forgotten about Toronto. He returned in December to take part in a Canadian Special Olympics function.

Finally I must thank Shawn on behalf of All the Toronto Fans for signing all those autographs, posing for all those pictures, and most of all for treating the fans with respect something during much of your Blue Jay career you did not get from the higher powers