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Picture by Jason Magder

Thanks to Susan Ross for asking me to write this piece and everyone at the Blue Jays Fan Club for publishing my Article.

Why Shawn Green's My Favorite Player


On the field he always gave his all, but very few people in his early years in the majors appreciated this the way I did. I felt so bad for him with all the nasty comments I would constantly hear about him. “Go back to the minors,” “He can’t hit to save his life,” “He’s useless, I could do better.” Many of these comments I would argue with the people who made them. I knew that if he was given the chance to play every day he had the potential to be one of the top players in the game.

Once a new manager was appointed I knew that at last he had his chance.. I knew he could hit and when not under the massive pressure of fighting for a place in the line up every day he would prove what I knew. He was a top rate major league player.

In a way it angered me when he hit his 30th homerun to see so many people standing and cheering. I’m sure that many of these people were amongst the one’s who had criticized him in the past although I also knew there were the few faithful like myself who had been there for him right from his early days in the majors. I was very proud to be there when he hit that thirtieth home run to make Blue Jays history. I would have loved to have been there in Kansas City when he stole the thirtieth base too, but alas even though I have often gone to KC I had to give it a miss that time around. I was there the day that really mattered to me though. The day he proved to all the non believers just what he could do.

Look at him now, the only Blue Jay to ever hit 30/30. What the future holds remains to be seen, but I bet there’s not too many now who think they could do better. Way to go Shawn. You showed them all. The best is yet to come. I hope to be there to see it happen.