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A detailed biography of Shawn from his childhood to the present.
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Welcome to My Tribute to one of The Dodgers most talented players. On this page you will find personal pictures of Shawn, a personal Shawn Biography, Articles, Shawn's Athlete Direct Journals, a place to buy and trade Shawn cards and much much more. Voted by many as the ultimate Shawn Green fan site.

Happy Birthday Mark!

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Shawn's Stats updated for the 2000 season
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Picture by Charlene Westbrook

" I’ve worked hard every day of my life to get where I am today. All the weights I’ve lifted in the gym, all the swings in the cage, countless hours preparing for this. And now I’m here, I’m going to work even harder, to do my part to win a championship for the team and for myself."
Shawn Green

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This site was made purely for the enjoyment of myself, other Shawn Green fans and to pay tribute to one of baseballs best right fielders of today and maybe of all time. It is in no way a profit making site and is for entertainment only. I am asked many times to sell my personal pictures of Shawn, but this will never happen. I would never exploit him or anyone else in any way. All logo's remain the property of the owners. Thank you for giving me permission to use them to promote my site. If anything on this site was your original property and you wish for it to be removed please inform me via e-mail..
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