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The Day I Met Shawn Green

The Day I Met Shawn Green

Have you met Shawn Green? If you have, let me know all about it. The best stories will be added to the one's below.

This section of the site is dedicated to

**Brooke Mary Johnson**

One of Shawn's biggest fans who left for heaven way too soon aged 7 years.

He Will Never Know How Much It Meant

First I should tell you that I myself have never met Shawn Green, but I am writing this on behalf of my baseball loving 7 year old daughter.

My Daughter Brooke has always loved the Toronto Blue Jays. No we don’t live in Toronto or even in Canada, we come from Portland Oregon. Brooke fell in love with the Jays the first time she saw them on ESPN about three years ago. Yes she was only 4, but loved baseball and from that very first game would run around shouting Blue Jays every time she saw a ball game on TV.

Although this may seem irrelevant it’s a big part of our story. At age 5 Brooke was diagnosed with a form of Leukemia. We tried many treatments, but none of them worked. Brooke’s only chance is a bone marrow transplant. She is so very sick that most of her time now is spent in hospital.

Mid April saw a big improvement for some unknown reason. All we knew was that our little girl was having a rare reprieve from some of the awful side affects of the illness. With the blessing of our doctors we decided that as things in general look so poor as we are not even close to finding a match for the marrow transplant we want to give our daughter something to hold on to and help her fight on. We took a flight to Los Angeles California to let her see her beloved Jays play in Anaheim against the Angels. She was so very tired from the flight, but to enable her treatments to continue we could only be away 2 days. She begged to go to the game on that first day so we gave in.

She saw a player signing autographs and wanted to be there with all the other folks to get one too. Clutching her book and pen she tried to get towards the front, but due to her small size, people pushing and her general weakness, she was constantly pushed to the back, until a gentleman we now know as Mr Cliff Little helped her to the front. Mr Little also gave Brooke a baseball card of the player who was signing. The players name, Shawn Green.

Brooke came back to her seat so exhausted that Mr Little even offered to carry her. She only had to climb 4 rows up, but it was too much for her. She insisted on making it under her own power, (we knew this was something she would want to do alone,) but slept through much of the game. She was awake though to see her now favorite player, Shawn Green hit 2 home runs that night. Sadly the Jays lost the game.

Later when we returned to our hotel she could not stop talking about her prized autograph and Shawn Green. She said that when he had signed her book and card she thanked him for signing and he thanked her for coming to the game and hoped she had a good time at the game.

Sadly the next day Brooke started to have complications again and is back in hospital. She had found this web site long ago as one of her greatest pleasures is surfing the net. She asked me to write this to Mrs Stanley in hopes that Mr Green will read this, and know just how much his kindness meant to a very sick little girl.

I have e-mailed photo’s of Brooke in hospital to Mrs Stanley that confirms our story is true. We don’t ask for pity for our daughter just your prayers if you have the time. God bless both Mr Little and Mr Green for your kindness to someone you had never met before. Mr Little she has the photo you took, and Mr Green the autographs you gave her are under her pillow. They mean everything to her. Thank you both for making her dearest wish come true.

Mary, Bob And Brooke Johnson

The Day Shawn Gave Me His Bat.

I guess I have been so lucky in meeting Shawn so many times, so it’s hard to think of just one meeting that has special memories, but I think this is one of my best.

It was in Dunedin Florida on March 29 1997. The Jays were playing the Phillies I think. Shawn had been playing tremendously, and had hit two home runs in one day in a game a few days before, and he hit another in his first at bat in the next game. Anyway during this game in Dunedin, Shawn got a broken bat single. It was starting to rain really hard and I sent my son over to the Jays dugout to ask Shawn if he could have the cracked bat for me. (It hardly shows it’s cracked.)

Shawn said yes and my son proudly brought it over to me. I was so happy. The rain started to fall harder and the game was suspended until the rain eased.

I went to the Jays dugout and saw Nick Leyva and asked him if I could speak to Shawn. Shawn came out, but could not sign the bat as it was too wet. He stood and talked to me in the rain while signing dozens of autographs.

We were both soaking wet by the time the rain stopped. I guess we talked for about 15 minutes. During this time I asked Shawn when was the last time he had hit two home runs in a game, and he told me it was when he was twelve years old, in San Jose. I laughed and told him I would not hold my breath waiting for him to do it again and he started to laugh too. I said I had a feeling he would do it that year during the regular season, and he said he hoped that I was right. (Well he did, not once but twice.)

The rain eased and the game restarted. I don’t remember who won, but I left very happy with the bat Shawn had hit those three homers over two games in four at bats.

When I returned home all my friends who had watched the game that had been shown on TSN were telling me how they had watched Shawn standing there talking to me throughout the delay. I really wish I knew someone who had a tape of it as of course I never saw it. But talking to Shawn that day and getting his bat made a very special memory for me.

Thanks Shawn for all the wonderful memories you have given me, I hope I have given you a few in return.

By Diane Stanley.

PS: He did sign the bat for me at a later date. It is now one of my most treasured possessions!

My Chat With Shawn.

My meeting with Shawn happened before a game with the Cleveland Indians. I can't remember the year I think 1994, because was when I last went to a game. Anyways he was by the wall signing autographs for other people and I waited until I could reach him. When he signed my book, I said hi, and he said hi back. He signed my book and I thanked him for signing and told him that I appreciated it and then I told him to have fun tonight. He said that he would and he smiled at me. And I walked away.

I felt pretty good about that, because he was nice and polite to me and he seemed to be enjoying himself. My meeting wasn't anything great, but I was happy, because I got his autograph and I got a brief conversation. There were a lot people around and I did not want to hold up the line.

By Judy Smith.

I Met Shawn In Seattle.

The only way I could say I met Shawn was from waiting after the games in Seattle by the buses. I've been three times and each time I got his autograph. He's really sweet. He always signed for as many fans as he could. He didn't say a whole lot, but he was always really nice. He's such a sweetheart.

By Julia

I Met You And Shawn In Detroit.

The day I met Shawn Green was also the day I first met Diane too. It was at Tiger Stadium in Detroit last May (1997) with my mom. I saw you at the gates outside the stadium and I saw you were wearing a “Green” jersey.

I’m a very sociable person and as Shawn is one my favorite Jays I went over to you and we started to talk about Shawn. I said that Alex was my real favorite, but Shawn was a close second. You said “well at least Alex will still be here next week as they want to trade Shawn.” I didn’t know if I should believe this or not, but you seemed really serious and sad so I thought it must be true.

We got inside and the Jays were working out before the game. When they were done Shawn put his things in the dugout and went to come over to where we were standing. Then Gord Ash called him over and they sat in the dugout talking and you looked so sad.

When they were done you called Shawn and he said he had to go in. He looked very sad too. You thought he had been traded.

Then after the game I saw you waiting for the bus to leave. I persuaded my mom to let us wait too and although she complained we did wait. Some players came out and signed for us. One was Roger Clemens. Alex came out and ignored us. I felt disappointed. I wanted to meet Alex more than anyone, but then Shawn came out. He put his things on the bus and then came over. He went straight to you and gave you a big hug without saying anything and then he asked if you were ok. You said “yes” and he said liar, and laughed, and you laughed with him. All the other girls were jealous.

Then he talked to Diane while he was signing for every body. That day Shawn became my favorite Jay of all. I only got to say “Hi” to him as I did not know what else to say and I was so nervous, but his actions showed me what a really great person he is. He signed my card and my book for me and made me realize, he’s the nicest Jay of all.

By Rachel.

Shawn Always Signs In Kansas City

I have been a Blue Jay fan for the past six years. Unfortunately, living in Lincoln, NE I do not get to see them play very often. But every time the Jays are in Kansas City, we try to go see them.

On one such occasion, about 4 years ago, my younger sister and I decided to take some balls and try to get some autographs during batting practice. We got to the stadium early, and immediately went towards the dugouts to retrieve autographs. But as soon as we got there, we became nervous and both chickened out. We went and sat down in our seats, and watched the game.

When the game was over my family and I started to walk towards our car to head home. As we were walking, we just happened to come across the teams buses. There were a ton of people standing around them waiting, and my dad talked us into staying to try to get some autographs.

When the players started to come out, some signed, and some did not. But one of the players who signed was Mr. Green. He walked towards the area that my sister and I were in and very patiently signed for everyone who asked. After Shawn signed for my sister and I, we both said thank you. He told us thank you for asking, which impressed us both.

Every time we go to Kansas City and try to get autographs, Shawn has signed for us. He is the only player that I have seen sign at every game I've been to.

By Meredith Melecki.

I Met Shawn On The Last Day Of The ‘95 Season.

It was the final game of the 1995 season and I got to the stadium early,hoping to meet some of the players. I stood by the third baseline for along time, watching all the players run by, when Shawn came over and started signing autographs. He finally made it down to where Iwas and signed my ball. By that time the crowd had really thickened and it was hard for him to move down the line of fans so he just stayed in he samespot (which was right in front of me) and signed autographs for about 45 minutes. After awhile I had the nerve to talk to him and ended up having a great conversation with him about his post-season plans. That's how I met Shawn Green.

By Amy.

My Mom’s Shawn Green Experience.

My sister treated my mom and dad to a ball game (which I was supposed to go to as well, but had to work). This was the first game that my mom had ever been to (she's not a big sports fan) and to make a long story shorter, Shawn Green came out to sign autographs, and my mother went down to get one for me. Many people told her that she wouldn't get one, because he only signs for kids, but she's stubborn, so she went anyway. He gave her two autographs; she was so impressed and excited by that. I think Shawn made another fan in my mother because he graciously gave her the autographs that she wanted. I think that her SG experience (as short as it was) really topped off her day.

By Kimberly .

I Met Shawn at Sega City.

It was September '97, my friends and I decided to go over to Sega City (an outdoor/indoor -arcade/entertainment center in Mississauga) right after school cuz we knew that a couple of the Blue Jays were gonna be there for the Grand Opening of the 'Cito Gaston Clubhouse' (excuse my run-on sentence!).

So, we go there and we finally were let in after waiting an hour or so outside. We were all so excited about getting to see the team, when to our surprise, who do we pass by on our way outside to the batting cages? Shawn Green, himself!!!!!! We almost walked right by him without recognizing him (because it was soooo dark) until he actually kinda stopped us and said HI and asked us how we were!!!!!!! By then, we were already so star-struck, giddy teenage girls, and we had only met one player...who'd have known that throughout the course of that afternoon/evening, we'd end up seeing many other of the Jays like Ed Sprague, Charlie O'Brien, Pat Hentgen (who was so Nice to us!), Jacob Brumfield (who was so funny!), Scott Brow, Mike Timlin, Marty Janzen, Huck Flener, Cito Gaston and Alex Gonzalez!! To name just a few,.

Anywayz, we got to watch this ribbon cutting ceremony and interviews of each of the players by Tom Cheek. When Shawn was being interviewed he was asked if he was planning to shave his beard off soon!! Shawn was also very gracious enough to pose for many pictures with me and my friends, and also sign endless autographs for us. And I know it may sound really stupid, but he also was sweet enough to give me and each of my friends a hug when we asked!

After that, we continually bumped into him or some of the other players as we walked around Sega City the rest of the night. All the guys, especially Shawn, were very nice to us. I was actually surprised at how they treated their fans. IT was nice to see that they didn't completely ignore us!

In all, the evening was pretty awesome. To this day, it still rates as one of the coolest experiences of my life thus far! Oh, and if Shawn, or any of the other players who were there at Sega, happens to come across this very long piece of babble I have written, I just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!


I’m Proud To Be Shawn’s Fan.

I’m a Toronto fan stuck in Baltimore so I only get to see the Jays a couple times a year. And u better believe every time I see them I make it worth the wait.

My first Shawn meeting was last year, in June I believe. I was at Camden Yards for the Jays batting practice and Shawn and Alex were right in front of me playing catch. Not being a loud, obnoxious fan, I waited for them to get a little closer to me before I even thought about asking for anautograph. Well, much to my surprise, I didn't even have to ask Shawn or Alex for that matter, because Shawn noticed that I had a program from a previous Jays game I attended in my hand, open and ready for a signature. It was the program where there are 2 pictures. One of Shawn and one of Alex, side by side.

Anyways, Shawn walked over to where me and my friend were standing and said "Here yago" and handed me the ball that him and Alex were playing catch with. He then preceded to sign my book and pose for a pic.

My next encounter was just on July 13, after the heart braking loss to the Orioles. The new ESPN Zone had just opened in downtown and me and my friend were on the way to it after the game. And to my surprise so were Shawn and Ed Sprague. I didn't get to talk to him or anything, but I gained greater admiration for him because in the 5 minutes it took him to walk from the hotel to the Zone, he signed at least 5 autographs while the other players just ignored the fans and kept walking.

Shawn Green has to be one of the most classiest guys in baseball today. Not many players take so much time out for the fans. And I’m proud to say that I am a Toronto Blue Jays fan, but I’m even more proud to say that I’m a Shawn Green fan!!!!

By Brandi.

An Ideal Before My Very Eyes

On July 19 / 1998, I went to the Skydome to see my favorite baseball team for the first time in my life. I was so excited because in just a few minutes I was going to see Shawn Green, Alex Gonzalez, Carlos Delgado and many other players, play baseball before my very eyes.

To my surprise, before the actual game I would get to meet one of these players up close for a brief second / minute. I was so excited when I realized that Shawn Green was giving out autographs that I just had to get one. As I made my was down the stairs I was so happy and very quickly got my pen and paper out of my purse. Just after I got everything ready I was standing right in front of Shawn Green.

At first Shawn gave me his autograph and then he let me take his picture. I was so excited when he said that I could take his picture that I forgot to open the shutter on my camera. This was very embarrassing for me because Shawn had to tell me to open the shutter ( I am never going to forget that moment).

After I took Shawn's picture I congratulated him on hitting his first GRAND SLAM and then I said good-bye and got out of the way for the other fans that wanted to get Shawn's autograph.

As a result, I am never going to forget that day for as long as I live because it is not everyday that you meet a baseball player that you have admired for a long time.

By: Connie Brock

I Met Shawn At Sega City

Hello again! Its me Bernadette, now w/ my 2nd edition of my experiences with Shawn Green. This also happened at Sega City, but a year later. Anyway, this time, it was only Jose Cruz Jr. and Shawn Green who made and appearance and they were sitting behind a table signing autographs rather than the last time where they were walking around and trying out the games. So my friends and I got there, were given wristbands and stood in line.

The people were starting to crowd the area now and Shawn and Jose finally arrived. My friends and I shouted "Hi Shawn", Hi Jose" and they both waved! We got our autographs from both and posed for pics with both of them. But we didn't leave after that. We decided to stick around and see what else might happen. We also took a lot more pictures. (I just wanted to say, that whenever we called out Shawn's name he never failed to look up and smile at us or wave or whatever, but Jose on the other hand hardly acknowledged us.)

After they finished their autograph session, the guys were trying out some of the new stuff and Sega, so we just watched. At one point, Shawn was standing just a couple feet away from me, so I decided to say something to him...anything. I mean he was right there! What did I have to lose. So I go, “So Shawn, do you know when Alex is coming back?" He turned around and said, “You mean to play?" (b/c this was when Alex fractured his finger) .I sais, “Yeah" and then he said "In a couple of weeks, I think". So I thanked him, and I'm all hyper now cuz I just talked to one of my favorite baseball players.

Shawn also came over to us later on and shook our hands and posed for pictures with one of my friends and my little sister. He was also so patient when we were having trouble with one of our cameras (we forgot to open the shutter..duh. Shawn goes “umm, I think you hafta open that thing". Boy did we feel pretty stupid)!

So that was my 2nd memorable experience w/ Shawn. And once again if he reads this...THANK YOU VERY MUCH for being so nice!!!

By Bernadette.

I Met Shawn At Tiger Stadium 1998.

From 1995 to present, Shawn, with his quiet confidence, strong arm, educated swings and base running has earned my praises as my favorite player. Always cheering for ya Shawn!"

The day I met Shawn was a day that my life would change forever…because and also not because of Shawn. In August of 1995, this new guy named Shawn Green soon became my favorite player… he had a great arm and the type of attitude that only a rookie can capture. This interest lead me to a web page three years later where I "met" a lady by the name of Diane. We soon got to talking via Email and realized that we were going to be in Detroit at the same time to watch the Jays play theTigers.

It was July 10, 1998 when I met Diane at the hotel in Detroit. From there we went to Tiger Stadium. Now, before I go any further, I knew that Diane knew Shawn but I also knew how protective she is of him, so I was not expecting an introduction.

Diane was showing me the ropes as this was my first game away from the SkyDome. We got there for batting practice and I couldn’t believe how different everything was. We were so close to all of the players and there seemed to be so much history floating around.

Before I knew it, Shawn had come over to the stands and was signing autographs. Diane leant over and asked me if Iwanted to meet him. At this point with all the new sights I had seen and things going on, I don’t think I fully grasped what she was asking me.Of course I said yes and followed her over.

Shawn looked at Diane when we got there and she said that she wanted to introduce a friend of hers. He looked up at me just as I was (not so) gracefully climbing overthe seats to get closer. After he finished signing everyone’s things, Diane introduced me to him as her friend, Helen. He shook my hand and asked how I was doing. At that moment, I realized just how great he was. Grinning from ear to ear I said "good thanks - and you?" and that was the end of it.

What made the day so special though was that Diane did something for me that she knew would mean the world to me… She introduced me as her friend. I know that she doesn’t introduce people to Shawn and I was so moved that she did that for me. Her gesture meant more to me than actually meeting my favorite player.

From that day on, I saw Shawn Green as a person and I’ve been cheering for his success ever since.

By Helen Grose.

I Met Shawn In Spring Training '95

In 1995,me and my family we on vacation in Florida.One day we decided to go see a Blue Jays game.My whole family LOVES the Jays! When we were there,my dad took me over to get some autographs.I was talking to many players because no one else was around..they we getting ready to watch the game.

In between innings,I talked to Joe Carter,John Oleorud,Jaun Guzman,and some others.At the end of the game when all of the players we singing autographs,I was about to leave when my aunt spotted two players behind a fence.They had on one around them.My aunt took me over to get their autographs.They said that we were the first autographs that they had signed that day.The had to ask people if they wanted their autographs.I got to shake Shawn's hand,and he asked me how old I was,what grade I was in,and where I was from.He talked a bit about himself,and he told me that is was nice to meet me and my aunt.I later found out that the two players were Shawn and Alex!! I got some pictures of him,that I will cherish forever!!

By: Quinn

The Day I 'Sorta, Kinda' Met Shawn Green

It was the summer of 1997 in September and the Jays were playing the Oakland A's down in Oakland (I live in San Jose, but a Jays fan for life). It was one of the first games for Jose Cruz, Jr. so I was mainly checking out this new player they picked up.

I went down to the Jays dugout where a bunch of Jays fans were and I struck up a conversation with this nice elderly lady. She told me her grandson was able to take her down to Oakland and he gave her a ticket for a great seat behind the dugout. I said, "Hey, that's very kind of him. Is he at the game here tonight?" "Yes," she said. "He's in the outfield right now. His name is Shawn Green.

"So by then one of her friends dropped by and started talking to her about her vacation down in the Bay Area, so not to be rude I decided to let them jabber away. Then I went to the Jays dugout and got Cito Gaston's autograph on my glove. He was fired a week later.

By Don Cameron

A Dream Come True.

Last year I took my 8 year old son to Toronto to see a Blue Jay game. We live in New York State, but my son loves the Jays. I was visiting with some friends of mine who live in Oakville Ontario and I decided it would be a great treat for my son to go to a Jays game. I ordered the tickets and we set off to get the train.

Once on the train I thought to myself “what the heck am I doing. I have no idea where to go when I get there.” I asked a lady who was also with her son the way to Sky Dome. She told me that she too was going there and she would show me the way. That lady was Diane, (I remember her from the photo’s on the page and from the kindness she showed to me and my son.)

Once in Toronto she said she was going to dinner at the Hard Rock cafe and would my son and myself like to join her and her son. We did and we got on really well.

Now for my son’s final dream. He desperately wanted an autograph and Diane said she would show us where she went to try and get things signed.

Once inside there was hardly anyone there, and as they players started to come in Diane called several and they all came over. Carlos Delgado, Alex Gonzalez, Paul Quantril, and Shawn Green. While they all signed for us, Diane told Mr Green how we had come so far and how much it meant to my son to get an autograph. Shawn told my son how grateful he was that we had come so far and that he hoped he enjoyed the game. He also asked him what grade he was in school and about his favorite subject.

Even though I could tell he to was shy he put my little boy at ease and made our evening in Toronto one that neither of us will ever forget. Thank you Mr Green for making a little boys dream come true.

Jackie Dunn.

I Met Shawn On August 8 1998

After waiting for about 3 long years, my mom and dad finally gave in to my pleading and decided to take me to Toronto again. After about 3 days of driving we finally arrived and went to the game August 7th.

Since we left suddenly and didn't have tickets booked, we ended up with level 500 seats. From where I was sitting I saw someone signing autographs, I thought it was Shawn, and since he was the main reason I wanted to see the Jays, I took off running!!! I ran down 5 flights of stairs only to come to a dead end!! So I ran back up those 5 flights of stairs and ran down 5 flights of ramp. I reached the bottom , ran towards the duggout and just as I got about 3 steps away, I heard him say, "Sorry guys, the game is starting, I've got to go!" So a little disappointed, I started back to me seat.

The next morning I got up and left the hotel 9:00 in the morning, for a 4:05 game. I got at the SkyDome around 9:30 where I got in line (With only a handful of people in front of me, Diane being one of them.) and waited for 6 hours in the heat, by myself, to get into camera day! I hadn't come all this way for nothing!!!

I was one of the first people on the field, and I headed straight for Shawn! I'm really shy, so I couldn't talk to him, I just said Hi and took some pictures. After we were directed off the field, I decided to go over by the duggout.

It must have been my lucky day because there was Shawn, out getting ready for the game. I asked him for his autograph, wished him luck in the game, and let him finish getting ready. It wasn't the most spectacular meeting or anything, but to me, it is my most memorable moment and I'm never going to forget what a special day that August 8th was, when my biggest dream came true!!!

Alyssa Mouland, Newfoundland

I Met Shawn At Canada’s Wonderland.

Well, this is the story of my encounter with Shawn Green. I went to Paramount Canada's Wonderland hoping to see either one of my favorite players, Gonzalez or Green, however, Green was the only one there of the two(I met Alex the next year)

I waited in line for 3 hrs and then my moment came. He asked me how I was and I did of him, I was really nervous so I didn't say much, so he signed my scorebook and my jacket(the signature is still there after many washes!) and he kindly accepted to take a picture. Anyhow, I said thank-you, and he said you're welcome! He was very nice.What a great guy!

By Tess

Shawn's My Insperation

Since I live close to Milwaukee, they are almost the only team I can regularly attend. (Sad) This was before they were in the National League, so we (my father, my brother, and I) went to a Brewers vs. Blue Jays game on a perfect afternoon. We arrived plenty early in hopes of attaining autographs or maybe a ball or two.

When we entered I immediately sought out potential autographs, running and looking. I spotted Roberto Alomar, one of my favorites back then, and spotted out near him. I must have been 5 feet away from him but he repeatedly ignored my requests.

After he left, I was obviously disappointed, but Shawn soon rolled by. I was standing there all alone, when Mr. Green approached me, not the other way around! He asked me if I would like his autograph, and I said, "Yes, please." He signed, and we briefly talked.

He had a great game, with outstanding fielding and when I first saw his swing, I knew I had found a True baseball player.

Ever since I have followed his every game and have tried to collect as many of his cards as possible.

I have also written him twice, but he has written me back THREE times.

He is a perfect human being, as nice as they come. His parents must be so proud. He has inspired me in every game I play in the summer/high school.

By Joe

My Canada Day Surprise

I went to the Blue Jays game on Canada Day, with my good friend Megan. As she’s a big Orioles fan she wanted to go to the visiting team side to try and get some Orioles autographs. I would much rather of gone to the Jays side as I really wanted to try and get Shawn to sign my ball. As the O’s are only in twice a year though I decided to be a good friend and do as she wished. After all I might get Brady Anderson, another of my favorites.

We waited until the Jays were done batting practice and then when the O’s had started I got a major surprise. Shawn was signing autographs on OUR side!!! I was so excited. When he got to me I handed him my ball and he signed it for me, then I asked if I could get a picture taken with him. He agreed and Megan took a picture for me. As He was signing he noticed I was wearing a Shawn t-shirt and asked, “How are you doing?” I was so excited as it really made my day.

Shawn signed a few more autographs on our side and then went to the Blue Jays side and signed over there too so I may have been lucky if I had gone the other side too. As It was I was glad I was a good friend as I may have missed out if I had gone to the other side as Shawn did not sign so long over there.

By Marj

My Special Souvenir

July 8, 1999. That was the day I met Shawn. Well, I shouldn't really say that I 'met' him but we exchanged a few words. My fiancé and I were in Baltimore while the Jays were there and I was so determined to either: 1. Get a ball and have it autographed and/or 2. Have my jersey signed by Shawn.

Number two didn't happen because it was 102 degrees out that day and I didn't think that Shawn would want a sweaty jersey in his hands since he already had one on his back, however, I did get a ball autographed by Shawn. I said "Thanks Shawn", he said "You're welcome", I said "Congrats on being an All-Star" and he said "Thanks". Nothing too intense but it made my day. Actually I was quite surprised how Shawn made an effort to sign for his fans, especially that day. I know he's known to sign just about every game but it was so hot out I would've thought he would just want to go in somewhere cool. The heat was sure getting to me and I can imagine how it was for the players.

The Jays ended up sweeping the Orioles that series. We left Baltimore happy that the Jays won and I came home with one heck of a souvenir. Thanks Shawn. I hope to see you again soon.

By: Mary

I Met Shawn On August 14 1999

I left for the Skydome with my dad hours before game time in hope of meeting my favourite player Shawn Green. I recently purchased a Shawn Green jersey and hoped I would get the chance of meeting Shawn and getting my jersey autographed.

After arriving at the Skydome I anxiously waited to get in . When the doors finally opened I went down near the Blue Jays Dugout and watched the jays take batting practice. Carlos Delgado and Shawn Green put on a show as they Slammed out monster home runs.

After waiting 20 minutes my two favourite players made their way to where I was waiting. Shawn Green and Carlos Delgado stood in front of me signing autographs. I waited until Shawn got to me and then I said hi and then asked him if he could sign my Shawn Green jersey he said sure. I thanked him and then wished him luck. It was awesome meeting Shawn and Carlos.

My experience meeting Shawn Green was a highlight of my summer. I won't forget the day I got to meet my favourite player.

By: Mike

Happy Birthday Sweet 16

I had waited sooooooo long to be sixteen. Ever since I was about eight I wanted to be able to drive . My dream was always to be able to drive. Well September 29 1999 the great day arrived. Then what, my family make it seem like just another day. I get cards from family and friends, a teddy bear from my parents, and a sliver chain from my bro. I really wanted the course of driving lessons my bro, Brian has received for his 16th birthday. My Mother said that as we had just bought a new van we could not afford too much and they were sorry, but the driving course would have to wait until my next birthday. I tried to act as if I understood, but it really hurt. When I left for school I was close to tears. I had waited so long for this day, only to learn I would have to wait another year to be able to drive. Happy birthday sweet sixteen, NOT.

The whole school day seemed to drag. Nothing was how I had hoped it would be. My school friends tried to cheer me up, but I could tell it was just not my day. In fact as I had a math quiz that afternoon I felt it was going to be my worst birthday yet.

When I got in my dog was at least happy to see me. I looked at all the cards on the fireplace and I could not help but cry. I thought how selfish I was being. After all some kids get nothing for their birthday. At least I had all my family could afford. I also had their love, and I know that means more than anything.

Well sorry for rambling, but this really is all a part of my story. A few moments later Brian came home followed by my parents. I was just settling down to homework when dad says that just for tonight I can leave it until the morning. I say that I would rather get it done, but then he pulls out tickets for the Devil Rays game that night. I never thought I would get to go as my mom hates baseball and we have a rule we always spend birthdays together as a family. Not only was I going to see the Rays, but I would see my favorite player Shawn Green as they were playing the Blue Jays. I should add that I live in St Petes Florida.

We got there bright and early. In fact we were there as the gates opened. My brother always tries to get autographs, but I am really shy so I just sat in our seats. When the Rays went in out came the Jays. I loved watching Shawn hit in the cage and then shag flies in the outfield.

When they started to come in my bro was calling to Shawn to come over. He sort of looked, but then looked like he was going to go in. Brian called to him again saying “Shawn, will you please come and wish my sister a happy sweet 16? You're her favorite player." I was so embarrassed as I’m very shy, but then I saw Shawn coming over. I did not know what to do. Then Brian pulled me to my feet and there in front of me was The Shawn Green!!!!!!!! Shawn wished me a happy birthday and then called to a player behind him who had a ball to throw it over. Then Shawn asked if anyone had a pen and a man gave him one. Next he asked my name and I told him it was Jennifer. Shawn signed the ball’ “ To Jennifer. Happy sweet 16 Shawn Green.”

Shawn I slept with that ball under my pillow that night. You really did make my 16th so sweet. It was my best present ever. I would never have called him over myself as I'm very shy, so I owe it all to my brother. Now I know that next to Brian (my bro) and my dad Shawn is the nicest guy on earth.

Oh, by the way, when I went back to my seat my dad gave me an envelope. It contained a certificate for a course of driving lesions. I had my first one today. Thanks to Shawn and my family I had my best birthday ever. Now I’m waiting for 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Jennifer

Jr. Jay For A Day

**NEW**October 18 1999

My mum and dad have been taking me to Jays games since I was 5. I'm going to be 12 in December.

This May I won a contest my mum entered me in. It was a Jr.Jays contest on Saturdays. I won for May 15/99. We got 4 tickets to the game and I got a T-shirt and hat. We were near the dugout for batting practice, the anthem and the other Jr.Jay contests. I had my face painted and my picture taken.

When Murray Eldon, the announcer called out the starting lineup my picture and name was on the Jumbotron! "In right field, with Shawn Green, from Whitby is eleven year old Lisa Westbrook!!! " I ran out to right field to meet Shawn and the Jays photographer took a picture of us together.

He talked to me about school, where I lived, if I liked baseball and I think he said his sister is named Lisa. I was so nervous and shy! He bent right down to talk to me and was very, very nice. He is very cute too!

Because it was only the second or third time this contest was done they didn't have the autographed balls ready for the players to hand out to the kids so Shawn sent me mine in the mail a few weeks later. I also got my picture from the photographer and it's great! My mum made a transfer of it and put it on the shirt Shawn gave me.

I also met Carlos, Mr.Fregosi ( I sat on his lap!), Alex and got their autographs along with Jose Cruz and B.J.Birdy! I didn't get Shawn's though! I wrote him a letter right away but I haven't heard anything from him. It was just after that when he broke his hand.

I'm really sad that the Jays didn't go further this year but Shawn played great!! I hope management does everything they can to keep him here - we love you Shawn and want you to stay a Blue Jay!

Lisa Westbrook.