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Why Shawn Green Is My Favorite Player.

Over the Christmas holiday I ran a contest for the fan club members to see who could give the best reason why Shawn is their favorite Blue Jay. Below are the best entries I received. My own personal reason is also included.At the bottom are ome other peoples reason's why they like Shawn so much

Why Shawn's My Favourite Player

Right from the first time I met Shawn I could see that he wanted more out of the game than just fame or money. He was always one of the very few players who on a regular basis was out there giving autographs, chatting with the fans and giving just that little bit more.

On the field he always gave his all, but very few people in his early years in the majors appreciated this the way I did. I felt so bad for him with all the nasty comments I would constantly hear about him. “Go back to the minors,” “He can’t hit to save his life,” “He’s useless, I could do better.” Many of these comments I would argue with the people who made them. I knew that if he was given the chance to play every day he had the potential to be one of the top players in the game.

Once a new manager was appointed I knew that at last he had his chance.. I knew he could hit and when not under the massive pressure of fighting for a place in the line up every day he would prove what I knew. He was a top rate major league player.

In a way it angered me when he hit his 30th homerun to see so many people standing and cheering. I’m sure that many of these people were amongst the one’s who had criticized him in the past although I also knew there were the few faithful like myself who had been there for him right from his early days in the majors. I was very proud to be there when he hit that thirtieth home run to make Blue Jays history. I would have loved to have been there in Kansas City when he stole the thirtieth base too, but alas even though I have often gone to KC I had to give it a miss that time around. I was there the day that really mattered to me though. The day he proved to all the non believers just what he could do.

Look at him now, the only Blue Jay to ever hit 30/30. What the future holds remains to be seen, but I bet there’s not too many now who think they could do better. Way to go Shawn. You showed them all. The best is yet to come. I hope to be there to see it happen.


Here's why Shawn is my favourite.... By Shoshana,

Ever since I was a little girl, I have set goals for myself. Whether these goals related to my education, my career, my family, my health or my personal life, I always strived to achieve them. However, most of the time the actual goal was much easier to ascertain then the path to the goal. I have always had to work very hard for everything that I have achieved. This is not necessarily a bad thing because I appreciate everything I have, but it can be very frustrating not achieving one's goals, or having to vary the method of achieving the goal, especially if the variation lengthens the time before the goal is attained.

Because of my goal philosophy, I have always respected and admired people with a similar philosophy. That is why I follow Shawn's career so closely and that is why I am so honored to be a part of his fan club.

Shawn has always set goals for himself whether these goals dealt with his education, career or family and through hard work he has achieved these goals and more. It is the "more" that I admire so much. Not only has he achieved his own goals, but he is a role model for others to live by. Everything he does, he does with class.

When Cito Gaston was manager, Shawn did not get to play as much as he should have been playing, but did we hear any complaints from Shawn, nope. Shawn waited for his chance and when he got it, he stood above the crowd with his successes and his attitude. I admire him for staying true to himself and his fans and for achieving his goals through adversity. Of course his grand slams and his 30/30 record are momentous, but they are just a part of the whole person of Shawn Green. I am so lucky that I have been able to witness such a credit to the athletic world. Now when I am struggling to reach a goal, I think of Shawn and what he might say or do to help me along in my path to achieving that goal. My hat goes off to Shawn....Cheers my friend!!

By: Shoshana

Why Shawn is my favourite

My all-time favourite baseball player, would have to be Shawn Green! He is an outstanding player, athlete, not to mention human being! He is a true gentleman as well because when he was only being used for a part of the time, he never said anything about it or complained. At baseball games, home or away, when young children come up to him and ask him for his autograph, even though he may be shy, he never turns them away.....he really knows how to make a little kids day!

I know that he made my day when I went to Florida in 1995 for Spring Training. Me and my dad were down waiting for some players to come by so I could get their autographs. The only one that I really wanted at the time was Robbie Alamo’s, but I figured, the more the better! Some of the players signed my ball, said 'hi’, and walked on. Others just signed the ball and never even said 'hi’. But at the end of the game, when I was on my way out, when my aunt spotted two guys (Shawn and Alex) behind a large green fence. There was no one else around them so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to get some autographs. Me and my aunt went over and got their autographs. While Shawn was singing my ball, he asked me my name, where I was from, what grade I was in, and if I had enjoyed the game! I didn't really see much of the game, but that was ok. I don't even remember who won, but that doesn't really matter because Shawn made my day because he was the ONLY player who really took time ,his own time to talk with me and my aunt, and I am sure that he took the time to speak to others as well.

Not only is he kind, he is an awesome player. personally, I would think that this was one of Shawn's best years, I mean he was the 1st Blue Jay to go 30/30, almost 40/40,he got his 1st ever grand slam....he has just had a great year! I hope that he will stay with the Jays for many more years to come because they could sure use an outfielder and hitter like him on the team to help score runs, I also think that he is fairly down to earth. He is not letting his multi-million-dollar career get to his head like other pro sports players.

Another thing that I like about Shawn is that he still looks up to his parents, and he appreciates them for what they do, and have done for him. To me hat would be one of the major reasons why I like him. It is not every day that you hear a baseball player, or and pro sports player, talk about how much they love their parents and how thankful they are for their dedication noticed at the last game of the year, when Shawn was called out of the game while he was sitting down in the dugout, he looked over at the camera and mouthed the words 'I love you mom!' I would think that his parents believed in him, and they wanted him to follow his dreams so they did what they could to help him with that Shawn also donated a portion of his singing bonus to a charity for children who go to school hungry. He didn't have to do this, but he did out of the kindness of his own heart! I am sure that the kids that he helped are thankful for that.

Shawn also makes many great catches and plays in the outfield, day in and day out. He’ll slide along way on not-so-soft-turf to catch a ball, jump at the wall, crash into the wall....he will do his best to help his team, and will do what ever it takes to help them out. Another thing that I noticed this year was that if he and another player can make the catch, he won't always try to do it. He gives others a chance. Like when Jose Cruz Jr. came back he helped him out and let him do some. He didn't hog the ball and try to be 'the star' of the team. I would have to say that these are the reasons why I think that Shawn is my FAVOURITE player! I hope that he will continue doing what he is doing, being a great player, person, and I hope that he can keep on making as little kids day the way that he made mine! Thank-You Shawn!!
Quinn Anderson (14)Paradise,NFLD,Canada

From A Shawn Fan In Minnesota

I used to think of a baseball team as the city from where they come from, not focusing on any individuals. But on May 11th 1996 that all changed for me. My son and I had won tickets to the Twins vs Blue Jays that night at the HHH Metrodome. We got there when the gates opened and my son went to sit above the Blue Jays dugout hoping to get a few autographs walked around the infield seats watching players do there work outs and hitting.

Seeing so many different people out there made me realize that a team is not just a bunch of guys on the field, but individuals with joys and sorrows, high points and low points and they have proud parents out there rooting for them. I then started to appreciate those players who interact with the fans, even when they are to busy to sign they still show they care and not just ignore them.

This is also the day that my son got his first Shawn Green autograph on a 1992 top prospect card. He was thrilled to have Shawn be so nice and we already knew his was a good player from watching ESPN. I have found in talking with a few players from visiting teams that some are really nice and easy to talk to and encourage. I just want them to know that they are important. Shawn is one of those players we appreciate. In observing how is towards fans gives me the alright Shawn deep within me.

We were in Oakland this Aug for the first time ever and we got to sit right by home plate. Before the game Shawn was signing for the fans and my son got a new autograph of Shawn on a new card. The people next to me were from Tor and they knew by sight who Shawn’s parents were. They were sitting below us on the field behind the home plate net. If I would have been able to I wanted to tell them they can be proud of the son that they raised, his character and skills are a credit to the great human being he is. I respect integrity and hard work in a man in a day when it hard to find,
Jim Kipka

Not Only The big Names Have Fans

Shawn Green becoming my favourite Blue Jay has been a gradual process. I don't recall much about him when he first came to play in the majors when he was one of the up and coming players. I do recall him being compared to John Olerud which is probably why I probably paid attention to him as Olerud was my favourite Blue Jay and continues to be my favourite baseball player.

The first distinct memory I have of him in a game was in July of 1995. From what I recall, Woody Williams leaves the game with a 7-2 lead against Baltimore. Baltimore begins to close the gap, but Toronto should win the game. A ball is hit to right field and Toronto should win, but for whatever reason Shawn misses it and Toronto loses the game. I point this moment out as it was one of a few plays in which people questioned Shawn's ability to play defensively. The criticism was also there that he could only hit in the second half of the season. Obviously I'm not an expert on judging talent and sure there was room for improvement, but overall he didn't seem to be as bad as some people thought. From watching most of the games on television and from comments from the real experts, I get a sense about players and their general abilities. I felt that he was capable of being a good fielder and he could be at least a .300 hitter if not better.

He probably became my favourite Blue Jay as a result of being benched in May of 1997 when the club was experimenting. He won by the sympathy vote! Actually when I read about his possible future with the club as in being traded or sent down I thought it would be a big mistake. I'm all for experimenting, but they weren't really addressing the real problems that the Jays had. So after the experiment was pretty much a failure, Shawn gets to play again. I'm not sure it was his first start in a while, but I was definitely impressed when he hit 2 homeruns off of the tough Atlanta pitching , especially off of Greg Maddux, almost immediately after losing a lot of playing time. Although not the most pleasant things to highlight, I kept believing in the word "potential" that I had kept hearing him being described as having. He had the ability to hit and this year proved that he could steal bases and he improved defensively.

Yes, he can hit, steal bases and hit the odd homerun, but why he's my favourite Blue Jay seems to be for many of the same reasons why Olerud had been my favourite Blue Jay which involves his on field presence. What I see that I like is that he seems to go out and do his job quietly. I've never read any negative comments made by or about Shawn and his attitude. I don't necessarily like the best players, but I like one who seems to go out and give an honest effort with very little or no attitude, which is my perception of Shawn as a player. By Erica

How Shawn Impressed Me

May 29, 1995. That was the day that I first saw Shawn Green, and the new Toronto Blue Jays since the Strike. I was flipping through the channels on tv that night, and I saw the game. A guy was up to bat, and he didn't look familiar to me at all. The broadcasters started talking about how Shawn Green had donated some of his salary to the local charities in TO. I was surprised, because I had never heard of a player doing that before, and I liked what I was hearing. My grandmother had always taught me that if your fortunate, you should always try to help those that aren't as fortunate as yourself. So when I heard that Shawn was helping out with the Children's Breakfast as well as other charities, I immediately liked him.

I started to watch more and more games, I like what I saw on the field. The excellent throwing arm, the good bat....... While I love watching Shawn play, it's what he does off the field that attracted me to him. I wish there were more ball players that were like Shawn, maybe then we wouldn't have so many problems within the MLB organizations involving pay rolls and greed. I could probably go on for hours about Shawn and the reasons why I like him (that tells you a lot about that end doesn't it?) that is the reason why I like Shawn Green.
Dhana Harris

Why is Shawn Green One Of My Favorite Players?

I took a liking for baseball at a very young age. My father wanted to expose me to many different sports as a young child. Until about the age of six, I never really understood the exact game. I thought it was a game, which consisted of a person throwing a ball to another person, on a different team, and for that person to make an attempt to hit the ball and then run to different bases and so on. As a grew older, I began to understand the rules of this game. I never fully understood who these players were, what they believed in, who they themselves admired and who they helped in a charitable manner. I thought that it did not matter and they were just ordinary people. They were people who were exceptionally talented in their profession, baseball.

One day, I finally realized that most of these players were overpaid athletes, who played better before there was so much money involved in this sport. Many players' faces were seen on the cover of newspapers with headlines such as, "Caught for Stealing," "Arrested for Possession of Drugs," or something or other along those lines. I thought that it was unacceptable for any one to steal and especially for people who had large sums of money. I also thought that it was extremely stupid for any person let alone any player of a sport to use drugs to enhance their athletic abilities. These are many facts that I find ridiculously childish and unacceptable in a person. If a person is a public figure of whom many children admire, then they should think twice before doing something like that. The slightest action can make headlines, which can change altogether the public's opinion of that person. I admire Shawn Green because he is not a man who does drugs and he does not steal. In the past few years, Shawn Green has given much more to the less fortunate, terminally and medically ill, than some people could possibly give in a lifetime. I find it crucial that public and potentially admirable figures have clean slates and are charitable. I can admire Shawn Green because he does not commit the types of crimes that I have mentioned.

He is charitable and that is essential for a person who has large sums of money which are partially being provided by the average public. If no one went to baseball games then there would not be a wanting for this sport, therefore the players' salaries would decrease enormously.

Shawn Green is one of my favorite players because he works so hard at what he does. He goes beyond his abilities as a baseball player rather than trying slightly. I find that he is very giving and many players are not. Many are money guzzling men, but Shawn is different. He is kind and sincere. Shawn Green has an amazing ability in baseball. It was proven to us all when he hit 30/30 this past summer.

Shawn David Green is one of my favorite baseball players for all of the reasons I have listed above. His athletic abilities, his kindness, sincerity and charitableness fulfill and surpass my expectations in a role model and a favorite baseball player. As you can see, I am quite fond of the man I know as Shawn Green.
By: Rebecca Zener

Why is Shawn Green My Favourite Baseball Blayer?

Even though I have never exactly met Shawn Green in person, I can still answer the question of why he’s my favourite baseball player. I’d start off by saying that I admire the fact that unlike some players in the majors, Shawn put his education ahead of fame and fortune. He knew what was important and had his priorities set straight. I also respect Shawn for his charitable ways. He’s involved with charities of all sorts and tries to help out the less fortunate. I don’t think I have to go on about how nice and caring he is. When ever he has the time, he’s always signing autographs and talking to the young fans.

Of course I can’t leave out the most significant reason why Shawn’s my favourite player. His great ability and potential for the sport. The 1998 season was his first full season of baseball and he took full advantage of that by breaking and setting new career highs.

Shawn Green is a great baseball player and has a bright future ahead of him. Kids can look up to him and see him as a role model in many different ways. I know for a fact that I already do.

Shawn The Pitcher!

"Now pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays: Number fifteen-Shawn Green". At the time, this mistake meant nothing to me; my love affair with baseball had just begun, so I had little knowledge of the veterans, let alone the 'new guys'. When it was explained that the pitcher was actually Huck Flener wearing a borrowed jersey (Flener, in his excitement, had mistakenly left all his equipment in his hotel room), I found myself quite amused by the mishap. Although this little baseball interlude had more to do with Shawn Green's shirt than the player himself, this new name stuck in my head.

So when the actual Shawn Green came up to bat some time later, I was very interested to see the athlete that went with the name I knew. He came, he went; no big deal. However, by the time the 1994 season rolled around, I had become a full-fledged baseball junkie, and Shawn Green was back!

Strangely enough, Green's simple gesture of loaning his jersey to Flener in the last season had made me a fan of his, and as I began to see him play more often, I was given more justifiable reasons to be a fan--Green had a lot of potential. As I followed the Jays in their not-so-great 1994 season I enjoyed watching Green on the field, even though he didn't exhibit too many signs of the superstar that he would become. Then, my brother came home one day with a gift: my first Shawn Green baseball card, and that was it: I was a Shawn Green fan for life. The back of the card recounted the fact that Green had donated $700 000 to a local children's charity--this was quite an admirable and selfless thing for such a young player to do (and, true to his nature, Green continues to donate his time and money to many causes). As Green continues with his career he gives me more and more things to admire him for: I was very impressed with the fact that he had arranged an agreement with the Jays' organization to continue with his schooling during his off-season--what an excellent role model for kids! To me, Green always seems to put his heart and soul into his game--I've never questioned the sincerity with which he plays each and every game--when something goes wrong, he genuinely cares about it and does what he can to learn from his mistakes. All through his career Green has been mistreated by the organization, a tough thing for a young player to deal with, but to his credit, Green always perseveres; he always holds his head high in these times of adversity. I think one of the things that I admire the most about Green is the apparent camaraderie that he has with his fellow teammates--getting along off the field is a fundamental element of good cooperation on the field; better players result from good relations.

Green always carries himself with the utmost class on and off the field. I could go on about all the wonderful baseball accomplishments that Green has achieved, but that is not what impresses me about him--I always figured he would be a great player someday. The thing that has kept me a fan for Shawn's for so long is the positive and confident air which he presents to his fans.

Respect, conscientiousness and pride for yourself and others off the field transforms into respect, conscientiousness and pride for yourself and others on the field; and nothing but a great baseball player can result from that. With the skills (both baseball and personal) the Green uses in his game, he will surely be around for a long time--with me as a fan
By Kimberly.

My Ideal Player.

Since I have grown up in a very athletic household, I have also grown up loving baseball. One main team in particular is the one and only, Toronto Blue Jays. Over the years, I have admired many players on this team but for the past two years I have considered one player in particular my ideal. This player is the one and only, Shawn Green. I feel that he is my favourite baseball player and ideal for many reasons, which would take me all day to explain and would create a very large novel for you to read. Unfortunately, I am sure you don't have all the time in the world to read this so I have decided to only tell you about a few of the reasons I feel Shawn Green is my absolutely favourite player.

Firstly, one of the main reasons why I have given Shawn Green this title is because he is one of the most amazing right fielders in the history of baseball. I feel this way because there are not too many people in the wonderful world of baseball that play to their best ability every single day of the season and shows their emotion to the fans with just little gestures such as: a simple smile, a wave, signing an autograph, or just a momentary glance to show appreciation. This gives everyone in the stands, and on television the chance to see how happy Shawn is with his career and how much Shawn appreciates everyone's support and guidance. Secondly, another reason why Shawn is my favourite player and an all around good person is because he participates in many charities and fundraisers to help support the less fortunate at their time of need. This shows that he is extremely caring and it is nice to see that people such as celebrities care about not only themselves but for other people as well. Lastly, Shawn is an all around ambitious and courageous man which is a very appealing aspect. I feel this way because everyday Shawn goes on the field and plays his best to achieve his goals in life and to reach his dreams. It is also evident that he is not afraid to be faced with new challenges and overcomes them within a heartbeat. This is an extremely evident quality which Shawn Green has brought evident to both us the fans and the world of baseball.

As you look at these points which I have considered to my best ability, you can clearly see why I choose Shawn Green as my favourite player and ideal.


Why Shawn Is My Favorite Player

When I first started to watch The Blue Jays I didn't really have a favorite player, since I didn't know much about the game. But when I started to have more interest in the game I noticed Shawn’s' talent, and thought he was an outstanding player. I also heard he helps out with charities, and thought that was really nice of him. By then I was really, into the Blue Jays, so I tried not to miss a game on t.v. But I really wanted to go to the Sky Dome to see them live because all my friends said they were really cool.

Then last year I finally did. I went to the game on June 22/98, when the Blue Jays were playing the Montreal Expos. It was a really exciting game, and the best part was I got to see Shawn play live! But thats as close as I got. I really wanted to meet him or get his autograph, so I mailed him his baseball card and then about a month later it came back signed. I was so happy. And it's nice to know that he really cares about his fans.


A Shawn Fan From Baltimore

I would have to say my favorite Shawn memory was the time that I saw him in downtown Baltimore. It was after a Jay's game, and me and some of my friends that had attended that game were going to dinner afterwards. We had to pass the hotel that the Jay's stayed at to get there. And to my surprise, we saw Shawn and Ed Sprague and someone else walking to the harbor also. I think they were going to the had just opened.

Anyway, some guy was following him and finally just asked for his autograph. Shawn, being the fans player that he, obliged this man...never giving a dirty look or having a harsh word. Not many big leaguers these days do that. That just goes to show you, Shawn always has time for his fans....cuz after all, where are u with your fans?


Shawn Green....... Why Is He My Favourite Player?

Well there are many reasons to answer this question. He shows kindness to all his fans at every game by chatting with them for a while or simply giving them an autograph. I believe that his personality really makes him likeable. He is a player for the MLB but also takes the role of making the fans happy. He seems to respect everyone. All sorts, rich and poor. Unfortunately I was not able to get Shawn's autograph but I'll try next season.

I went to the Blue Jay's site earlier on the season to see players' averages and how it was better/worst from the previous season. When looking at Shawn's I noticed under "PERSONALS", it said that Shawn donated half his starting salary when he first came to the Jays at the young age of 21! I have a 21 year-old cousin and I bet he would of never done that even if he had $1 000, 000. I was happy for the destination that the donation went to. The Children's Breakfast Club. In Toronto there are many kids who do not get their breakfasts. So this just proves that Shawn cares about children. As a true Christian, as soon as I heard what Shawn did to those kids he became my favourite player.

I also like Shawn as a player because he is very good at what he does. An excellent OF and an excellent hitter. This year his overall average was in the .275s but I assure everyone 100% that next season his average will be in the .300s. He is still young and I am very sure that he will get better year after year.

To me it's a shame not knowing Shawn personally. I bet he is very kind to all his friends too. So I guess the reasons that I have said concludes the reason why Shawn Green is my favourite player. I love people who are kind to others. Maybe it's just me but whenever I go to the Jays' games I'm happy that I'm able to be in the same place as my hero.

Shawn you are my hero. See you in '99! Hopefully I can meet you at the Dome and get your autograph.

By Mariko Mackasey
Age 13
Toronto, Ontario

A Fan From Nebraska

One of the first memories I have is of my father and me watching a baseball game in Arlington, Texas. The two teams playing were the Cleveland Indians and Texas Rangers. My dad, being from the Cleveland area, has been a lifelong Cleveland Indians fan and we never missed a chance to see them when they came to the ball park nearest us. Because of my dads love for baseball it has always been a part of my life, but I never followed it closely, or for that matter had a favorite team, until I was 10 years old.

That summer (1993) my family and I had gone to Cleveland. The purpose of our trip was to see one of the last Indian home games before they tore down the old stadium. Since I hadn't followed baseball very closely I had no idea that the Indians were just pitiful at the time. I told my dad before the game that if any team beat the Indians, they would become my favorite team.

The team that was playing the Indians that night was the defending World Champion Toronto Blue Jays. They, of course, beat the Indians by several runs. After this game I started to follow baseball a little more, and while I was not completely a Jays fan, I watched them in the standings. They went to the World Series again, and I watched all the games on t.v.

The following summer we went to the nearest stadium, in Kansas City, to see the Blue Jays. My mom had gotten my sister and me baseballs to have signed. After the game we found the buses and stood, waiting for the players to come out and sign autographs. I received two autographs that night, one from Shawn Green and one from Pat Hentgen. Both players had were very nice, and even thanked us for asking for their autographs.

My sister and I were both incredibly excited and we've been Blue Jay fanatics ever since. My family has tried to go to as many Blue Jay games as possible, and every time Shawn has signed autographs both before and after the game. But what has made me want to cheer and support Shawn most has been everything that I have been told about his support of charity. Volunteering has been an important part of my life, and I have an immense respect for people who donate their time and money to helping others.

Although the stories we see about baseball players who volunteer and give to charity are usually about players such as Paul Molitor, Kirby Puckett, and David Cone, we all know that Shawn does an incredible amount to help and deserves the stories and honors just as much as they do.

The reason Shawn Green is one of my favorite players is because he is so giving of us time to others and never fails to make people happy. He's not a bad baseball player, either.

Meredith Melecki

The stories below were not a part of the contest, but were sent to me afterwards

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways……

1. Well, you currently have a 24 game hit streak going now the longest in the AL, 1st in slugging percentage, 1st in doubles, 3rd in HR's… Well, you already know that.

2. Your professionalism both on, and off the field. I don't see too many players who conduct themselves with such class.

3. Your determination. You have got better and better throughout the past 7 years and I can see how far you want to go in this game from watching you play this past month. You came back with a vengeance from your injury, which you never let bring you down.

4. Your consideration for those unfortunate. When I found out that you donated your some of your salary to local charities in Toronto, you got instant respect from me.

5. Your kindness to all. You are the first person to give a high five to a teammate who has hit a HR or a pat on the back if they strikeout. As for the fans, you are known to sign at almost every game, which not too many players do. You make so many kids happy - I see huge smiles on their faces once they have your autograph.

6. You play beyond your talent. You give 110% every game. When the team was in a slump, you gave it your all. You have incredible abilities that many people do not give you credit for, which makes you the most underrated player in baseball today.

7. You exceed beyond my expectations of a role model. You put your education first ahead of all of the glitter and gold of professional sports. Honestly, when kids come into my life, I wouldn't contest if they want their whole room decorated in you.

8. I have read many stories of those who have met you. One of them in particular brought tears to my eyes because it was the sweetest gesture I have ever heard about. You had such an effect on that little girl and that is one quality I truly admire in someone.

A lot of this you know already but I just had to say it. Congratulations on a great year and I know this is a ways away, but I'm looking forward to the day when you are inducted into the Hall of Fame.

By: Mary D.

Shawn Makes Some Kids Day Special In K.C

My name is Ainsley, and over the weekend, my husband and I attended a business conference in Kansas City. I'm not much of a baseball fan, but my husband knows the game inside and out. He's a huge Jays fan.

While in Kansas City, we were given tickets to the Sunday afternoon game between KC and Toronto. My husband was ecstatic, and I thought that it was such a coincidence that we would get tickets to a game where one of the teams was Toronto (we're from Toronto).

During the game, my husband was helping me out, explaining this and that about baseball. He pointed out Shawn Green who is his favourite player and mine too, now. Shawn hit a home run in the first inning. My husband was standing up and cheering. There were other Canadian fans there as well.

As the Royals were winning the game, it was the last inning and Shawn was up at bat. He kept hitting the ball foul and on one hit, he broke his bat. As he was heading towards the dugout to get a new one, he (and this was such a kind and generous gesture)gave his broken bat to a group of small boys who were reaching out to him. You should have seen the faces on these boys - pure happiness. The bat wasn't completely broken, but I guess it wasn't good for hitting anymore.

Anyhow, the boys didn't seem to care; they got a bat from SHAWN GREEN. He looked so sincere when handing the bat to the boys. Here he is, at risk of being struck out and having the pressure of keeping the game alive for the Jays, and yet, he still thinks of his fans and of young kids. I saw that and I was just so impressed. I told my husband and all he said was, "Well, that's Shawn Green."

I think the KC fans were impressed as well. Even though the Jays lost, I was glad that my first baseball experience was such a moving one.

By: Ainsley