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Shawn Green Audio Files

There are currently 2 downloads Of Shawn's Radio Ad Poem "A Tree" 1 In Real Audio Format and 1 in MP3 Version.

Shawns 1998 Bring it On radio promotion Poem "A Tree"

Real Audio Version
MP3 Version

Shawn's Music When He Comes To Bat
This song is in Real Audio format. If you do not have a real audio player go to and get one.

Click here to Download Shawn's Music when he comes to bat(Blur, Song 2)

Commercial Shawn made in 1992
Click here to Download a commericial Shawn Made In 1992

Thanks to Paul Herriot of the The Jays Zone for sending this commercial to me.

Shawn's New Alternate Music When He Comes To Bat
Click here to Download The Song(Lenny Kravitz Fly Away) **NEW**