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Having To Prove It All Again

Photo By Diane Stanley

2001 Predictions

Okay last season maybe I was hoping for too much. I really wanted Shawn to show the Jays what a mistake they had made. Sadly it did not turn out that way. I'm sure I'm not the only one though who is guilty of expecting a miracle first season. 

I believe the 2001 season though will be a lot easier for him. He has now played against every NL team, most twice. He has also hit every ML pitcher now with the exception on any rookies that will come into the league next year. This should give him more confidence and help him to meet a few more of those expectations next season.

 I still believe he will be a 40/40 man in the very near future. If not this coming season the following one. He has much more talent than the LA fans have seen so far. As I have said before, and I'll happily say again, "Shawn, the best is yet to come."

To be continued Spring Training 2001.

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